What type of protein are in the gummies?

Our gummies are comprised of a mix of rice & pea proteins.

Where is it made?

Crave Snack gummies are manufactured in USA and compose of US and globally-sourced ingredients.

How do Crave Snack gummies have only 0g of sugar?

The sweetness of Crave Snacks is derived from a blend of monk fruit and allulose, a natural sweetener sourced from fruit, and other natural fruit juice. This combination allows Crave Snacks to maintain 0g sugar.

What is Allulose?

Allulose is a natural sweetener with low caloric content. It has about 70% of the sweetness you would get from table sugar but contains only a tenth of the calories and doesn't have any net carbohydrates. Furthermore, Allulose doesn't lead to any blood sugar or insulin spikes, indicating it doesn't result in a glycemic response.

How long is shipping?

Shipping times will vary depending on your location, it will typically arrive within 3-6 days.

What's the refund policy?

If Crave Snacks gummies aren’t what you expected, email hello@cravegummy.com, we’ll take care of you from there.

Have more questions? Email us at hello@cravegummy.com and we'll get back to you right away!



Really enjoying these protein gummies, they taste delicious and love that it has protein in it!

Ryan C.

These gummies are seriously the best. Tastes just like candy the strawberry taste is on point. So good and convenient!

Steph M.

I carry my gummies in my bag and have been eating them daily! So convenient and delicious!

Maggie A.