Protein Gummies (Presale)

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 20g Protein

0g Sugar

 Low Carbs

All Natural Flavors & Colors  

 Made in USA

Make the smart switch to guilt-free snacking.

Our Strawberry Lemonade gummies contain 20g of plant-based protein and low carbs offering a tasty and convenient way to satisfy your cravings. 

Enjoy on-the-go indulgence with these portable and guilt-free protein-packed goodies! 

Key Ingredients

 Pea & Rice Proteins Sourced from USA

Sweetened with Fruit Juice & Allulose

Clean & Conscious 



 All Natural Flavor & Colors

Made in GMP certified & FDA approved facility

Flavor: Strawberry Lemonade
Size: Bundle 3 Pack (300g)

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Natural & Made in USA

All of our ingredients are sourced through our trusted, USA based suppliers.

Pea Protein

An iron-rich, plant-based protein source, perfect for fueling muscle growth and heart health

Rice Protein

Loaded with essential amino acids, aiding in smooth digestion and muscle recovery

Natural Flavors & Colors

Enhanced with 100% natural colors and flavors, no artificial additives!


Low-calorie sweetener that offers the sweetness of sugar without the calories or blood sugar spikes

Delicious Gummies for All


Convenience without the powder mess

Ideal for All Ages

Ditch traditional candy filled with sugar

Guilt-free Snacking

Satisfy your sweet cravings
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20g Plant-based Protein

Zero Sugar

Gluten-free & Non-GMO