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Level up your snack game

20g of delicious plant-based protein

Perfect snack for pre/post workouts

Portable and convenient

Low sugar and carbs, great choice for kids

What's it made of?

Packed with 20g of plant-based protein, just 5g of sugar, and bursting with all-natural Strawberry Lemonade flavor!

Pea Protein

An iron-rich, plant-based protein source, perfect for fueling muscle growth and heart health

Rice Protein

Loaded with essential amino acids, aiding in smooth digestion and muscle recovery

100% Natural

Enhanced with 100% natural fruit flavors and colors, no artificial additives!

Monk Fruit & Allulose

Low-calorie sweetener that offers the sweetness of sugar without the calories or blood sugar spikes

Protein in a Delicious Gummy

Bite Sized Protein

With 20g of plant based protein, our blend of pea and rice proteins provide all essential amino acids, supporting muscle growth, repair, and quick recovery.

Low Sugar Delight

With just 5g of sugar per bag, our gummies are a tasty treat that doesn't compromise your health.

Portable & Easy to Eat

Unlike bulky protein powders, our gummies come in a compact, resealable bag. Enjoy your protein boost anywhere, anytime - no water or shaker needed!

Crave Snacks vs. other candy

Crave Snacks vs. other candy

Our gummies have only the essential ingredients.

Why customers love Crave Snacks!

Ryan C.

Better than i thought

Not a huge gummy fan but really enjoyed this, tastes less sweet than normal gummies and has a nice chewy texture. Surprised it has protein, could've even taste it I recommend it!

Steph M.

Tastes like candy!!

These gummies are seriously the best. Tastes just like candy and full of protein, the strawberry taste is on point. So good and convenient!

John L.

Delicious gummies

Absolute game-changing snacks. The taste of these gummies is amazing and they're packed with protein too!?

Chris H.

Sweet and tasty

Literally tastes like candy but with protein. These gummies are the perfect snack, hands down

Maggie A.

Skeptical at first...

Never had a protein gummy before but literally addicted to them!! I just binge on the whole bag perfect for work snacks!

Stacy D.

So yummy love these!

My new snack crush I'm always eating snacks throughout the day and this makes me feel less guilty about snacking all day. Love that it has plant based protein!

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Highest Quality

Crave Snacks is dedicated to crafting safe, delicious, and healthful snacks. Our protein gummies set the bar high and we're more than just snacking - it's about fueling a healthier, more vibrant life.

Made in USA

Each gummy is meticulously formulated, crafted, and packaged in our FDA-approved facility. Our commitment to quality is evident in our choice of partners - our ingredients are sourced only from the most trusted suppliers, both locally in the USA and from the finest global producers.

Easy Returns & Refunds

If Crave Snacks isn’t what you expected, we make refunds and returns quick and easy. Email hello@cravegummy.com, we’ll take care of you from there.